Meet Daniel…

Daniel talks about living with Cystic Hygroma and a permanent tracheostomy, he touches on how he has overcome challenges, and how he makes a difference to others who are living with a tracheostomy.

When Daniel was born, he wasn’t breathing due to his condition called Cystic Hygroma which meant he had to have an emergency tracheostomy.

Throughout his life his condition has affected him both physically and mentally, as he was bullied from an early age into adult life. This massively affected his friendships and family life, due to being in and out of hospital which made Daniel feel very alone and isolated.

Daniel is now a single parent to three beautiful children who have helped him, especially through the tough times.

Tracheostomy patient Dan Brookes with his three children stood smiling at the camera

However, Daniel didn’t let his hardship defeat him and decided to train for his Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications in Health and Social Care, which led him to work with both adults and children who have had Tracheostomy.

He said, “I found supporting these families very rewarding as I’m the one helping them to except that it doesn’t matter what disability you might have. You can achieve what you want, my goal has always been to help others to keep going.”

We asked Daniel what he does to help himself on days when he struggles with his mental health and he said, “I understand my condition better by reaching out to people with the same condition over social media. I also find keeping busy helps to take my mind of things.”

He continues, “Also, Atos Care have been amazing. I’ve built a good friendship with the Customer Care Representative called Sammi. She’s amazing, and I’m glad I got invited by Atos Care to do a photoshoot last year as I finally got to meet her. Atos are not only there for their patients, but they also care about you, and I couldn’t ask for anything else really.”

Dan Brookes and Lacey Peck

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