Meet our Atos Care Nurses

At Atos Care, we have a team of in-house Nurses to help support you with adjusting to life after your laryngectomy or tracheostomy.

We understand that after your operation, you may need more than just products to help you get back to living your life to the fullest. To help support you in the community, we provide a complimentary CQC registered Nursing service in the comfort of your home. The Atos Care Nurses offer a confidential, discreet and supported by the NHS.

Our Atos Care Nursing team are made up of specialist Head and Neck Nurses who are experienced in caring for people living with a neck stoma. Our Atos Care Nursing team work closely with you and your healthcare professionals to understand your individual needs.

Atos Care Nurses and Best Start CQC Registered

Our experienced and knowledgeable Nurses can help support you

  • Guidance on how to manage your voice prosthesis at home
  • How to keep the skin around your neck stoma healthy
  • Getting started with Heat and Moisture Exchangers and guidance on breathing exercises to improve your lung health
  • Learning to look after your stoma and getting into a good routine
  • Guidance on how to manage your tracheostomy at home
  • Support you with using your products appropriately whilst managing your laryngectomy or tracheostomy
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What patients say about us

“I don’t know what I’d do without the Nurses. They help support me through text messages, and if I’m running out of supplies they help to sort me out.”

Tracheostomy patient

“Being single and vulnerable, to talk to the professional Nurses who understand the laryngectomee is really appreciated and uplifting.”

Laryngectomy patient

“A visit from the specialist Nurse helped me greatly, gave me confidence.”

Tracheostomy patient

Our Atos Care Nurses support you in the method of your choice from video or phone calls, text messages, emails or a home visit, allowing you to choose whichever way is most convenient. We will continue to liaise with your Clinician, GP, District Nurse or Carer in relation to your overall health and stoma.

We have recently received accreditation from the Care Quality Commission; an independent regulator of Health and Social Care in England and Wales which ensures that services are safe, effective, compassionate and high quality.

Please note: At present, our Nursing service is not available in all areas due to local regulations. Please contact us to see if the Nursing service is available in your region.