Meet Eileen, who has been trialing our new Provox Life range of HMEs and adhesives

We spoke to an Atos Care patient, Eileen Robinson, who has been using our new generation of HMEs and adhesives, Provox Life. Provox Life is designed to alleviate the challenges of excess mucus and coughing after undergoing a laryngectomy. After using Provox Life for 5 months, we asked Eileen how she found using the new range! Eileen uses both the Go HME and the Night HME for her day and night routine.

Provox Life Night features; excellent humification compared to other HMEs, comfortbale breathability for nightitme breathing as well as soft and smooth for nighttime comfort.

We asked Eileen for her opinion on the Provox Life range, including the Night HME and how this has made a difference to her breathing during her evening/nightime routine.


  1. Before using Provox Life, can you explain your usual daily life and activities?
I was struggling to do most of the daily activities. Even something simple like getting dressed left me breathless. I didn’t have any energy and washing my hair left me exhausted. I didn’t sleep well at night and was often coughing most of the night.


  1. Before using Provox Life, what were some of your biggest challenges? 
Sleeping, showering, washing hair, getting dressed, only able to walk short distances without any support


  1. How long after using Provox Life did you notice a difference?
Straight away.


  1. Since switching to Provox Life, do you feel more confident or comfortable in carrying out daily activities?
Yes, I feel more comfortable and confident!


  1. Please can you provide an approximate number of coughs per day before and after using Provox Life?
Number of coughs per day before and since using Provox Life
Before After
Constantly Infrequent


  1. Has Provox Life Night HME helped you to sleep better? If so, can you explain how your sleep has improved?


Yes, it help me to breathe better, and most nights are coughing free.


  1. Due to sleeping better because of Provox Life, do you find you have more energy during the day for activities?
Yes, I have started walking the dog for short periods of time with my partner.


  1. Has this had a positive or negative impact on your partner’s sleep?
Before using these products, my partner was awake whenever I was. We both had night when neither of us got much sleep.


  1. Having used Provox Life Night HME, can you explain what are some of the design features you like about this product that make it your product of choice when sleeping?
Not as chunky as others I have had tried and it allows me to breath better due to better ventilation.


  1. Please can you provide an approximate number of nights woken up due to coughing before and after using Provox Life? 
Number of nights woken up due to coughing before and after using Provox Life
Before After
Every night. Occasionally


  1. For someone who hasn’t yet tried Provox Life or Night HME, what would be your advice?
To go for it, give it a try it will change your experience of your daily life and it will allow you to sleep well.


  1. Lastly, is there anything else you would like to say on Provox Life or Night HME that we haven’t covered?
Using these products has been a positive experience and made a massive difference to mine and my partners daily lives.


If you’re interested in giving your feedback on the Provox Night HME or would like to order yours today, call 0800 783 1659, text 0753 741 7928 or email

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