How to register a patient

Our mission at Atos Care is to help make life easier for your patient.

Atos Care is the only integrated care and distribution service for people with a laryngectomy and tracheostomy in the UK.

Why not register your patient before their surgery to help them get off to their Best Start:

Phone: 0800 783 1659, option 2


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Easy and convenient registration process

Our quick and easy registration process makes it simple to register your patients. The easiest way to register is to call our priority clinician phone line.

We have a dedicated ‘Best Start’ team, consisting of qualified Head & Neck Nurses, who help support patients for their first six months after their procedure.

Your patient can access our range of support services to help them adjust to living with a laryngectomy or tracheostomy.

1. Care bag

Order your patient a complimentary care bag that includes a mirror, torch, safety wristband and more.

2. Product order

When you register, place the first order for your patient, including HMEs, stoma cleaning products and any other supplies they need. Your patient will receive their first order, either to the hospital or to their home within 2 days of discharge.

3. Welcome pack and call

We send a helpful Welcome Pack, including ways for your patient to choose what service they receive. We get in touch with the patient to welcome them to Atos Care and answer any questions.

Atos Circle of Care

We provide a range of services to patients and the clinicians who care for them, including the delivery of prescription products and a rich network of care and support services to help them adjust to life after a laryngectomy or tracheostomy. The Atos Circle of Care is our comprehensive support service for patients.