Support for patients

We know that good patient outcomes depend on full support, knowledge and routines, built on relationships of trust.

At Atos Care, we believe care includes patients’ access to the right products for their individual needs, as well as full support and aftercare, no matter which brand you choose for them.

As a fully regulated and specialised DAC, we are happy to supply any appliances on the NHS Drug Tariff (part IXA) from any manufacturer. We are committed to providing safe and effective services and to facilitating the relationship between you and your patient.

Best Start Nurse

Respectful and trustworthy service.

We recognise that the clinician is the expert in laryngectomy or tracheostomy care, and we will always recommend that a patient seek advice from their clinician for more complex or clinical queries.

In addition to supporting patients with understanding their products, our team also serve as a source of support for your patients as they adjust to their ‘new normal’. At Atos Care, we put a strong focus on customer service and support, and we always aim to treat patients and their loved ones with kindness, respect and empathy.

Tailored to suit the individual.

Our service can be fully tailored and customised to the patient’s preferences, to ensure they receive a service that works best for them. Patients are free to choose how often they wish to hear from us, and we regularly discuss this with them to ensure that patients are not hearing from us more or less frequently than they wish.

Patients can also choose how they want us to contact them; whether that is by phone call, email or text message, and we also accept orders via our website. Patients can also select whether or not they want to receive information about webinars, events and new product releases.

Working in partnership with clinicians

At Atos Care, we know that working closely and effectively with clinicians is essential, and we want to work alongside you in helping support patients and their loved ones.

We have a dedicated Customer Care Representative for each UK region, and our team welcome a discussion around how we can best support you and your patients. If you would like to meet your Customer Care Representative or have them come out to visit you, please do let us know.