How to refer a patient to the Nurse service

CQC registered Nursing support for patients in the community

Our Atos Care Nursing team will always work closely with you and the multidisciplinary team to ensure your patient receives safe, effective and joined-up care.

When referring a patient to the Nurse service, please provide as much information as possible:

Phone: 0800 783 1659, option 2


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Referring a patient

We know that good patient outcomes depend on full support, knowledge and routines, built on relationships of trust.

For us, care includes patients’ access to the right products for their individual needs, as well as full support and aftercare, no matter which brand you choose for them.

Our Nursing team can help with community outreach

Our Atos Care Nurses holistically assess patients’ physical health, mental health and social needs. We focus on supporting patients to manage their stomas independently by giving them information to promote quality of life and teaching them to maintain the devices appropriately.

• Guidance on how to manage their voice prosthesis at home
• How to keep the skin around their neck stoma healthy
• Getting started with Heat and Moisture Exchangers and guidance on breathing exercises to improve lung health
• Learning to look after their stoma and getting into a good routine
• Support with using products appropriately whilst managing their laryngectomy or tracheostomy

Working in collaboration with clinicians

Our approach is unique to each patient and clinician assessment; we tailor our services based on a patient’s individual needs and ability to self-care. We recognise that the clinician is the expert in laryngectomy or tracheostomy care, and we will always recommend that a patient seek advice from their clinician for more complex or clinical queries.

Download the patient referral form