Freevent® XtraCare™ HME

Highly effective virus and bacteria filter

Freevent XtraCare HME protects against airborne particles, including viruses and bacteria, with a filtration efficiency of more than 99%*

Combining an HME with a filter that provides more than humidification. It also provides very effective filtration, for extra protection. Use it in crowded places such as schools, supermarkets and public transport – especially during the flu season. It can also be helpful while gardening, particularly during the high pollen season. 

Key features:

  • Filtration of bacteria > 99 %*
  • Filtration of viruses > 99 %*
  • Filtration of small particles > 95 %*
  • Helps reduce coughing and mucus production.
  • Blue option easily seen
  • Can be used with oxygen using the add-on oxygen (O2) adapter



Freevent XtraCare HME contains an electrostatic filter that effectively reduces the inhalation of airborne particles via the tracheostoma and protects others around you during exhalation. Freevent XtraCare HME fits on a standard 15 mm ISO connector.

Please note: Since pathogens can enter and leave the human body in other ways, (such as mouth, nose and eyes). Freevent XtraCare can never guarantee complete protection. Please read the instructions for guidance.

Item code: 7767

Supplier: Atos Medical

Learn more about what is a tracheostomy

Introducing Freevent

Within our Freevent® range of tracheostomy products, we have HMEs that also function as a speaking valve giving the patients improved pulmonary health as well as the ability to maintain communication in a single product. We work to help patients with a tracheostomy to find the routine that helps them to maintain their pulmonary health for a better quality of life.

What is an HME?

Freevent HMEs sit on the end of your tracheostomy tubes and allows you to breathe through them. HMEs (Heath and Moisture Exchangers) help reduce coughing and mucus production while easing irritation in your windpipe.

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