Provox Life Experience Program

The Provox Life Experience Program is a survey that was sent out to patients after the launch of the new Provox Life™ range of HMEs and adhesives. ​89 people living with a laryngectomy from the UK participated in a trial on our Provox Life™ HMEs and adhesives over 12 weeks. The Provox Life Experience Program showed positive results on how people are breathing better after switching to Provox Life™.

Provox Life™ system offers high-performance HMEs that were designed to improve the balance between humidification and breathability in any situation, which helps facilitate using an HME 24 hours a day to build a positive cycle and reduce excessive mucus and coughing. Based on thorough research, Provox Life™ was developed with the aim to improve the performance of HMEs for improved situational usage.

Significant reduction in coughing and mucus

Coughing and mucus are some of the challenges experienced post laryngectomy. Provox Life™ HMEs are designed to improve your lung health, through a reduction in mucus and coughing which may help provide improvement in Quality of Life.

Ease of voicing and speaking

After a laryngectomy, you may be concerned about how you may use your voice to communicate. Provox Life™ is designed to address these challenges by offering high-performance HMEs and adhesives for a wide range of skin types and stoma contours.

Hear from Paul Walker, an Atos Care laryngectomy patient, about his experience with Provox Life™:

“I have actually been getting a decent sleep since the first night.​

I have a totally different life now, I can breathe better, sleep better and have confidence if say I walk into a shop and cough.  My voice is so much clearer, louder, my wife says pardon a lot less often now, to be honest I am just so very, very impressed.  I do a fair bit of carpentry and was a little worried before about fine sawdust but feel that ” Provox Life Protect HME” really does do just that.​

Riding a pushbike was challenging before as I felt at times I just could not draw in enough oxygen, I can with ease with the Provox Life Energy HME unit.  ​

The Night unit is fantastic, it is always difficult trying to get comfy and a lot of the problem was having a solid lump stuck in the middle of your neck, this has been nicely addressed.”