Lung health: A better night for a better day


48% of people living with a laryngectomy have woken up from coughing.

Sleep is an essential function that allows your mind and body to recharge. A good night’s sleep is a vital part of your everyday health and wellness as it helps you to feel more prepared for the day ahead and can help to improve your quality of life.  ​

A lack of sleep can lead to long-term problems such as:​

  • Feelings of fatigue and tiredness during the day.
  • Lack of everyday motivation
  • Poor emotional wellbeing
  • Lowered immunity 

Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help you be more active and help protect your mental health.

Sleep cycles

  • Light – the majority of a nights’ sleep, promotes mental and physical restoration
  • Deep – occurs early in the cycle, if you wake refreshed in the morning, it’s likely you’ve spent longer in deep sleep
  • REM – important for memory and mood
  • Waking moments – 10-30 times a night is normal, you don’t always remember them



5 tips for supporting better sleep


  1. Keep regular sleep hours by going to bed and waking up at the same time
  2. Create a restful environment by keeping your bedroom dark, cool and quiet
  3. Avoid drinking caffeine close to bedtime as it can stop you from getting to sleep
  4. Avoid using smartphones or electronic devices before bed as they emit a blue light
  5. Try adding meditation to your bedtime routine, to help clear your mind



How does using an HME help?


Using an HME day and night can help you live a better life after your laryngectomy.An HME can help improve your health as it can:​

  •  Reduce the production of mucus
  •   Improve your lung health 
  •   Reduce coughing
  •   Improve your sleep

Provox Life™ Night HME is designed to support restful nights.

To help you get a good night’s rest, Provox Life™ Night HME was designed to help improve your lung health for reduced coughing and mucus for a more restful night.

It offers high humidification which helps reduce mucus production and coughing, allowing you to rest while improving your lung health.




Sleep meditation and rituals for you and your family

Sound Alseep Club Expert

Eva offers a unique meditative experience. She weaves sounds wisdom, astrology insights and yogic teachings into creating bespoke storytelling sounds journey, helping you to surrender and create a deep sense of relaxation, easing you into dreamland.

Eva is a member of the International Yoga Alliance and a member of the College of Sound Healing, UK.