Caring for your skin

Your neck tissue is very delicate and can be damaged when you constantly change your adhesives. This is why you should make sure to do it as carefully as possible.

It’s very important to get into good habits when it comes to looking after the skin around your stoma. If you do, you’ll be less likely to get irritated or damaged skin – and the adhesives will stick longer.

Quick and easy video guide to changing your adhesive

Products to support skin care

The Provox Cleaning Towel is designed to help you clean around your stoma before applying the adhesive.

Provox Skin Barrier is a special wipe that leaves a protective layer on your skin. Use it after cleaning your skin, but before attaching your daytime adhesive. Do not use the Skin Barrier with Provox Life Night Adhesive.

Provox Adhesive Remover is a wipe that will help make it easier to take off your daytime adhesive. It’s important to remove the adhesive slowly and carefully, to avoid damaging your skin. The remover wipes help to do this. Gently remove Night Adhesive by using a wet cloth.

Provox Life™ Adhesives

What’s different?
We have made subtle changes to the design of the adhesives to help improve the way they perform. The new clover shape, along with high-performance materials, helps to enable users to select an adhesive based on their skin type and stoma contour, providing a personalised solution.

Other improvements include:

  • A flexible and softer ring with decreased height provides a tighter seal around the stoma for a more secure fit.
  • The wider ring with decreased height makes stoma and voice prosthesis cleaning easier.
  • New and reinforced coupling with SecureFit™ technology gives an audible click to confirm that the HME is securely in place, and is compatible across the range for a personalised experience.