Exercise section of Atos MyLife app offers people with a laryngectomy an improved user experience

19 March 2024

To help empower people with a laryngectomy on their rehabilitation journey, Atos MyLife app offers users a comprehensive exercise section consisting of breathing and speaking exercises.

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Research studies have shown that regular voice and breathing exercises can positively impact the recovery of people with a laryngectomy.* The app exercises have been carefully developed in collaboration with a global advisory board comprising doctors and speech language therapists.

To enhance the exercise section, numerous improvements have been made including:

  • Personalised experience
  • Enhanced immersion
  • Customisable support
  • Feedback integration

Personalised and engaging experience

Atos MyLife app now offers a personalised experience by incorporating user-friendly features. Users can now see the length of each exercise ahead of time, allowing them to plan and manage their time effectively. A countdown timer during the exercise helps patients gauge how much time is remaining, providing a sense of progress and motivation.

The inclusion of ambient background sound creates an immersive environment during exercises with a more engaging experience for patients, facilitating better adaptation and learning.

The app recognises that each patient may have different needs and preferences. Therefore, it offers the flexibility to toggle help texts, sounds, and videos according to individual requirements. This customisation empowers patients to tailor the exercises to their specific needs and comfort levels.

New feedback system

To continually improve the app and ensure patient satisfaction, the developers have implemented a feedback system. Patients can now provide feedback on exercises, even if they exit before completing. This feature enables patients to share their experiences and suggestions, contributing to the ongoing enhancement of the app.

If you are new to the Atos MyLife app or are a regular user, we trust your experience of using the exercises will be enhanced by these improvements.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please take advantage of the new feedback system to share us your thoughts.

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*Ward EC, van As-Brooks CJ. Head and Neck Cancer: Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Outcomes.
1st edition. Plural Publishing Inc. ; 2006. 206-210, 252-254 p.