Take a look at the Provox Life™ Protect HME

98% protection against viruses and bacteria*


Provox Life™ Protect HME was developed to help you stay safe whilst out and about; it is designed to give you extra protection in busy places with large crowds. Since you breathe through your neck stoma, it is important to protect your airway upon inhalation, as well as protect the people around you during exhalation.

Provox Life™ Protect HME has a comfortable breathing resistance whilst warming and humidifying the air you breathe. It also has a soft and smooth button for easier occlusion of your stoma so you can make yourself heard, wherever you are.

Key features:

  • Highly effective bacterial and viral filter (≥98%)
  • Smooth button for easier occlusion of your stoma
  • Reduces mucus production and coughing



Look inside the Protect HME:


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Commonly asked questions:

What are the Virus Filtration Efficiency and Bacterial Filtration Efficiency for Protect HME?

  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE):>98%
  • Virus Filtration Efficiency (VFE):>98%

What makes Protect HME different from Micron HME?

  • There are a number of slight differences in the Protect HME compared with the Micron HME. One of these is that many users could not use Micron HME due to its high breathing resistance and/or its big size. The re-innovated HME dimensions offer superior performance, and better breathability compared to Micron HME.

I enjoy using the Protect HME, I’d also like to use it all day. Can I?

  • Yes, Protect HME can be used all day long. Protect HME provides humidification and very effective filtration, for extra protection. Moreover, with improved breathability, Protect HME can be used on occasions it’s best designed for.


*Please note: Since pathogens can get into the human body in other ways, Provox Life™ Protect HME can never guarantee complete protection. Please read the instructions for guidance.