Introducing Provox Life™

Provox Life is now available on prescription to order. The new Provox Life system was developed on the basis of thorough research and is designed to address the challenges that you experience with HMEs and attachments.

  • Better pulmonary performance
  • Enables 24/7 use
  • Reduced coughing
  • Reduced mucus

Developed with you in mind, the system offers a complete, flexible solution that allows you to experience a personalised routine, no matter where you are on your recovery journey. There are products for every situation to help you to use HMEs 24 hours a day to build a positive cycle and reduce excessive mucus and coughing.

If you would like to learn more about Provox Life, a member of our Customer Care team will be happy to get in touch to discuss the new range.

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Provox Life has been created to offer you improved breathing and better lung health, it comprises of six new HMEs and four improved adhesives to help you live a better life after your laryngectomy.

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Breathe better, whatever you do

The new Provox Life system was developed on the basis of thorough research and is designed to address the challenges that you experience with HMEs and attachments.

The next generation solution consists of:

  • Six high performing HMEs that offer improved humidification and breathability.
  • Four newly designed adhesives for a wider range of skin types and stoma contours with improved materials and new SecureFit coupling.
  • HMEs that are compatible with all adhesives in the Provox Life range to offer you a personalised routine.
  • Colour coded products and packaging for improved easy identification.