Meet our Customer Care Team

Our helpful and friendly Customer Care team are here to support you and can help you with understanding, ordering and getting the best out of your products. 

They can answer any questions you may have about the products in our range, help you decide what quantities to order, and can liaise with your hospital team to understand what products are most suitable for you.

You will have a dedicated Customer Care representative, who will work with you each month to order the supplies that you need and offer ongoing support.


Everything is excellent.

My Customer Care Rep takes care of all of my needs.

Thanks to them, I am coping very well.

- Anonymous feedback

Each member of our Customer Care team receives in-depth training to help them understand life with a laryngectomy and to give them a detailed understanding of the products we supply. They also receive regular call coaching and training to help maintain a high standard of customer service.

The Customer Care team is led by Lizz Summers, a Speech and Language Therapist with many years’ of experience helping people who have had a laryngectomy.