How to order

Our mission at Atos Care is to make life easier for you after your laryngectomy.

There are a range of easy and convenient ways for you to order your supplies:

  • Online: Order online with us today
  • Phone: Call us on 0800 783 1659
  • Post: Send to Freepost Atos Medical
  • Text: Send a text to 0780 014 0059

Receive your first order

Usually, your healthcare professional will have set up your first order when they registered you with Atos Care. This will typically be delivered within a few days of registration, or when you come home from hospital.


A friendly monthly service call

We offer a complimentary, no-obligation service call each month to help you order the supplies you need.

Your Customer Care Representative can help you identify what you need, the correct quantities, ensure you don’t run out of any items and answer any questions you may have. A monthly call gives you one less thing to think about each month.


Contact us when you wish to order

Occasionally, our customers prefer to contact us directly if they wish to place an order. You can do this at any time by contacting our help desk by phone, email, text or via our website.

Order process explained:

1. Place an order online or with our helpful Customer Care team.

2. If your order contains new items, we may check suitability with your healthcare professional.

3. We contact your GP to request the prescription for your items.

4. On receiving the prescription, we send out your supplies directly to your home.


Whichever option you chose, we suggest placing an order roughly every 28 days. This is because GPs typically prescribe one month’s worth of supplies at a time. 

It can take 3-14 days for us to receive the prescription from your GP, so we recommend ordering around two weeks before you need your supplies.