Socialising At Easter With Family And Friends


Easter is a social time of year, with many of us gathering with family and friends and organising events

After your laryngectomy, it can be difficult to make sure you’re heard during this social time of year. We’ve gathered together our top tips so you can make the most of this Easter and focus on enjoying all the fun activities.



3 ways to help you enjoy the Easter break with family and friends:


1. Take your time when eating
You may find speaking during or shortly after eating is difficult. After a laryngectomy, it can take you longer to swallow food and your food must have cleared from your food pipe before you’re able to speak. Choosing softer or moister foods and taking regular sips of a drink can help wash food down. If food is stuck in your food pipe, clear the food that is stuck and take time to test your voice.

2. Educate family and friends
Let family and friends know that it may take you a little longer to answer and you may not be able to voice straight away. It may be helpful to ask family and friends to adopt supportive strategies, such as avoiding asking questions during meal times and continue chatting until you are able to respond. Help educate them to recognise cues that you wish to speak, such as the movement of your hand to the stoma. These techniques can help lessen any awkwardness in these situations.

3. Choose quieter places to talk
You may find difficulty manipulating the sound, volume or expression of your voice and this can make it difficult to be heard over background noise. Try to choose optimal places to sit such as at the quieter end of the table or a more peaceful venue. It can also be helpful to stand closer to the conversation partner and utilise hand gestures to help get someone’s attention or convey a feeling.

So, go and have a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends and enjoy some great TV and tasty chocolate eggs!



Support for people who live alone


We understand that Easter can be particularly difficult for people who live alone or who don’t have people to spend time with. If you feel isolated, it can help to keep in contact with local groups, for example, churches or community groups, or charities such as Age UK, Age Concern or The Swallows head & neck cancer charity. There may be a lunch club, social group or buddying scheme in your area, or it may just be helpful to have somebody to speak to.



Keep your lungs healthy and stay protected


We want to support you to make the most of your Easter break whether that is seeing your grandchildren, socialising with family and friends or getting a change of scenery with a getaway.

That’s why we have Provox Life™ Protect to help you stay protected whilst you are getting used to going back out again.

Provox Life™ Protect HME is an HME combined with a highly effective electrostatic filter that protects against airborne particles, including viruses and bacteria, with a filtration efficiency of more than 98%*.​

It can be used when:

  • Socialising with family and friends
  • Taking part in Easter gatherings
  • Visiting crowded places