Provox Life™ Wheel

Provox Life™ Wheel


Using your Provox Life™ HME 24/7 can lead to an improved quality of life as it helps to reduce coughing and the production of mucus for better breathing, whatever you do.

To help you choose the right HME for your situational needs, we have designed a brand new Provox Life™ Wheel!


Simply choose your situation and turn the Wheel to find the appropriate HME for your circumstances so you can ensure that your lung health is being improved day and night. It features all six of the interchangeable Provox Life™ HMEs to cover your needs for every occasion and has some helpful information on the Provox Life™ Adhesives so you can find the solution that’s right for you.



Using Provox Life™ for reduced coughing


After undergoing a total laryngectomy in January 2020, Joakim was introduced to the Provox Life system later in the year. Now he coughs less, thanks to the Provox Life HMEs. Watch the video to hear more about his inspirational journey.

Before and after undergoing a laryngectomy, Joakim had a number of concerns about what life would be like.

“Looking back on my concerns before surgery, I feel as though I can function somewhat as before. What can I say – life is good!”