Provox Life™ Reviews

More and more people are using Provox Life™ every day. Those who have switched to Provox Life™ are discovering the new range may help them to breathe better, sleep better and voice better.

People who have tried Provox Life™ preferred them to their usual products. Overall, Provox Life™ is rated 4.5 stars for satisfaction.

Paul Walker, Provox Life user

“Yes, Can I please continue to use these products? I have actually been getting decent sleep since the first night.

I have a totally different life now, I can breathe better, sleep better and have confidence if say I walk into a shop and cough. My voice is so much clearer, louder, my wife says pardon a lot less often now, to be honest, I am just so very, very impressed. I do a fair bit of carpentry and was a little worried before about fine sawdust but feel that Provox Life “Protect” really does do just that.

Riding a pushbike was challenging before as I felt at times I just could not draw in enough oxygen, I can with ease with the Provox Life Energy unit.

The Provox Life Night unit is fantastic, it is always difficult trying to get comfy and a lot of the problem was having a solid lump stuck in the middle of your neck, this has been nicely addressed.

I’m a happy bunny again seriously I love this new kit. ”

– Paul Walker, Provox Life user

User Reviews

“The new HMEs are brilliant” – Anonymous user

“Life is a massive improvement” – Anonymous user

“Excellent product – a vast improvement” – Anonymous user

“Provox Life makes breathing easier” – Anonymous user

“A big improvement overall” – Anonymous user

“My life has changed completely” – Anonymous user

“I can breathe better, sleep better” – Anonymous user

“LIFE is easier” – Anonymous user

“A better experience than other devices” – Anonymous user

Disclaimer: This testimonial relates to how one individual has experienced the use of Provox Life™ products and not every person will get the same results. Atos Medical AB does not suggest, imply or make any claims other than those detailed in the product manual.