Provox Life is developed with you in mind

Provox Life™ also includes new attachments developed to provide security and to accommodate individual needs with regards to skin type and stoma contours.

Provox Life™ Adhesives balance adhesion and skin-friendliness for different purposes. All Provox Life™ adhesives come in a clover shape, which is introduced for a better fit and to contribute to an airtight adhesion.

Four-leaf clover shape

Provox Life Adhesive baseplates are clover-shaped and designed from high-performance materials to suit different skin types and stoma contours.

The redesigned clover shape offers a better fit and more comfort. This shape allows each of the leaves to fold individually, which may enable you to achieve an airtight fit. The coupling is also more flexible and softer to support the place,ent of the adhesive closer to stoma.

SecureFit™ technology

SecureFit™ provides a reinforced coupling between the HMEs and adhesives to help reduce HME cough-outs. Moreover, SecureFit™ is produced in a soft and flexible material to provide a strong seal around the stoma. The new Provox Life™ LaryTubes and the Provox Life™ LaryButton are compatible with the SecureFit™ connection, allowing for the interchangeability of HMEs.