Provox Life ™ Adhesives


The clover-shaped adhesives are designed from high-performance materials to suit different skin types and stoma contours, providing you with a personalised solution.

Provox Life ™ adhesives incorporate a soft, low profile coupling featuring the patented SecureFit™ technology. SecureFit™ gives an audible click to confirm that your HME is securely in place while the reinforced coupling provides a secure fit between your HME and the adhesive, while also being easy to remove.

  • Softer and flexible
  • Better fit
  • Better adhesion
  • Less skin irritation 

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Discover the right Provox Life Adhesives for you

Provox Life ™ daytime adhesive range

Provox Life ™ Standard Adhesive

Standard is an everyday adhesive that provides a strong seal around your stoma. A soft, flexible and low-profile adhesive that forms a strong seal and provides a secure fit.

Provox Life ™ Stability Adhesive

Stability is a firm everyday adhesive that provides solidity, especially if your stoma is deep. It is an ideal adhesive for those who speak frequently or speak hands-free.

Provox Life ™ Sensitive Adhesive

Sensitive is a gentle everyday adhesive for sensitive skin. A comfortable, gentle and low-profile adhesive that forms a good seal and provides a secure fit.