Provox® StabiliBase Optiderm™

Provox StabiliBase OptiDerm has a specially designed firm base with vertical stabilising bars that provide support to the stoma during speech. It is especially suitable for deeper stomas and ideal choice when using Provox FreeHands HME. The OptiDerm material is suitable for sensitive skin.

Key features

  • For sensitive skin
  • For speaking much with finger occlusion
  • For a deep stoma
  • Can be used for speaking hands-free



About Provox

Provox is a range of high-quality products is aimed at improving the lives of people with a laryngectomy and comprises of three main groups: voice prostheses for speaking, Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) for breathing and adhesives for stoma protection. We also offer additional Provox® accessories to help provide more rounded, personalised care.

Item code: 7318

Supplier: Atos Medical

What is an Adhesive?

Sometimes referred to as a baseplate, it sticks to your skin over your stoma to allow you to attach your HME. There are different types of Provox Life Adhesives depending on your skin, stoma shape and depth to allow you to pick the most suitable for your skin type.

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