Provox® Life™ LaryTube Fenestrated with Ring 9/36

Provox Life™ LaryTube can be used to attach Provox Life™ HMEs and accessories. For those patients with a shrinking stoma, it also can be used to maintain the opening of the stoma.

Fenestrated provides holes for those with a voice prosthesis to voice. ‘With ring’ option allows the tube to be worn with a Provox Life™ Adhesive.

Provox Life™ LaryTube Fenestrated with Ring:

  • Inner diameter – 10.5
  • Outer diameter – 13.5
  • Length – 36


Atos Care Provox Life

Provox Life LaryTube Fenestrated with Ring 9/36 is made from medical grade silicone rubber. It is delivered single packed and non-sterile. Provox Life LaryTube Fenestrated with Ring 9/36 provides attachment for Provox Life HMEs and Provox Life Shower.

Item code: 8050

Supplier: Atos Medical

Introducing Provox Life

Developed with you in mind, the system offers a complete, flexible solution that allows you to experience a personalised routine, no matter where you are on your recovery journey. There are products for every situation to help you to use HMEs 24 hours a day to build a positive cycle and reduce excessive mucus and coughing.

The Provox Life range of HMEs and adhesives can only be used with other Provox Life products due to the increase in the diameter from 22mm to 23mm for improved humidification and breathing performance. Therefore, Provox Life products cannot be used with the Provox® range of HMEs and adhesives or with any other manufacturers products.

What is a LaryTube?

As you are healing, your stoma may shrink. This is normal, but if it becomes too small, it could become difficult to breathe. If this happens, contact your clinician or emergency medical professionals immediately. You may need a Provox Life LaryTube (a soft silicone tube) to help keep your stoma open. Just like an adhesive, it holds your Provox Life HME in place so that you can always wear a Heat Moisture Exchanger.

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