Provox® Cleaning Towel

Provox Cleaning Towel cleans the skin and removes oil from the skin before putting on an adhesive. It is alcohol-based and non-perfumed.

After taking off the adhesive, you should clean the skin around your stoma with a Provox Cleaning Towel, is to remove any oil or sticky residues.

  • A convenient and hygenic way to clean around the stoma
  • convenient, portable pack size, ideal for handbags, care bags and pockets
  • No sting formula
  • Does not leave any residue on the skin; ideal for getting a good baseplate seal



About Provox

Provox is a range of high-quality products is aimed at improving the lives of people with a laryngectomy and comprises of three main groups: voice prostheses for speaking, Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) for breathing and adhesives for stoma protection. We also offer additional Provox® accessories to help provide more rounded, personalised care.

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Supplier: Atos Medical

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