Freevent® Neckbands One-piece with Twill Ties

High-quality adjustable neckband for secure tube positioning.

Freevent Neckband One-piece is high-quality and customisable for secure tube positioning so that people with a tracheostomy can feel comfortable in their everyday life.

Size: 16 – 42 cm

  • Twill ties suitable for use with silicone tubes
  • Simply cut and adjust to the exact size needed
  • For adult and paediatric use
  • Soft foam with rounded edges to maximise comfort
  • Designed with additional slits for optimal adjustment of neckband



Freevent Neckbands One-piece Adult are essential for people with a tracheostomy as they help to secure the tube in position. It is usually advisable to change your neckbands daily where possible. Your hospital team will advise you about how and when to change your neckband, or you may have someone to help you do this. It is important to be very careful when changing your neckbands to ensure that the tube stays securely in place throughout.

Item code: 1661

Supplier: Atos Medical

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Introducing Freevent

Within our Freevent® range of tracheostomy products, we have HMEs that also function as a speaking valve giving the patients improved pulmonary health as well as the ability to maintain communication in a single product. We work to help patients with a tracheostomy to find the routine that helps them to maintain their pulmonary health for a better quality of life.

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