Freevent® DualCare™ Blue

Freedom to speak hands-free.

Freevent® DualCare™ combines a speaking valve with a Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME), and in this way enables speaking and supporting your lungs with important heating and moisturising. The switch between the speaking mode and HME mode is done extremely quickly and easily – just a simple twist of the lid of the speaking valve!

Freevent® DualCare™ is put into speaking mode by twisting the lid of the speaking valve until it clicks into speaking mode position and the flexible membrane covers the openings of the speaking valve.

In the HME mode, you breathe both in and out through the HME, saving heat and moisture. When in HME mode, speaking is not possible.

Product contains:

  • 1 Speaking Valve,
  • 1 HME DigiTop Tinted
  • 1 Connection Strap



Freevent DualCare Blue fits on a standard 15 mm ISO connector. Learn more about what is a tracheostomy

Item code: 7755

Supplier: Atos Medical

Introducing Freevent

Within our Freevent® range of tracheostomy products, we have HMEs that also function as a speaking valve giving the patients improved pulmonary health as well as the ability to maintain communication in a single product. We work to help patients with a tracheostomy to find the routine that helps them to maintain their pulmonary health for a better quality of life.

What is an HME?

Freevent DualCare Blue sits on the end of your tracheostomy tubes and allows you to breathe through them. HMEs (Heath and Moisture Exchangers) help reduce coughing and mucus production while easing irritation in your windpipe.

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