Get the most out of the winter season

During the winter the air outside gets cold and dry. Central heating can also mean that the air inside is dryer, which can have a negative effect on lung health and cause problems with mucus production and coughing. Wearing a HME day and night helps to warm and humidify the air, which has been proven to improve symptoms of coughing and mucus production.

During the flu season and winter months, you may wish to use something which gives you extra protection, particularly in places such as hospitals, supermarkets and on public transport. The Provox Micron has been specially designed to offer 99% filtration of bacteria, viruses and other airborne particles, helping you to feel more confident going out and about during the winter months.

Provox Micron

When you’re out and about, you may find yourself in busier or more crowded places. Perhaps you’re travelling on public transport, visiting the doctors, or browsing in busy shops. A traditional HME humidifies the inhaled air, but does not filter effectively, which means that it doesn’t adequately prevent viruses, bacteria and dust from entering your airways through the stoma.

Provox-Micron-HME.jpgProvox Micron HME is designed to help you stay healthy when you need it most. It filters small particles, and 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from the air you breathe.

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4 good habits during the winter season


We hear from our users how important being active is when it comes to breathing, speaking and also sleeping better. We also know that being active is easier said than done.

So, we've focused on some tips and tricks that might help you getting started.

  1. Wear an HME during both the day and the night helps to heat and moisture the air you inhale.
  2. You might also wish to wear a scarf or protector over your HME when you go out.
  3. Your skin can be more sensitive in the winter. Take care of your skin by using Provox Adhesive Remover and Provox Skin Barrier when removing and applying your baseplate. Make sure the baseplate sticks well by warming and massaging it firmly onto your skin.
  4. Consider using Micron HME when you find yourself in crowded places like hospitals, supermarkets and on public transport. Provox Micron offers excellent protection from bacteria and viruses.

Taking care of your skin during colder months


When it gets cold the baseplate properties change, which can make it more challenging to get a good seal when applying the adhesive. It is important you remember to warm the adhesive between your hands and massage it onto the skin when it has been applied.

Cold air can dry the skin out and make it more sensitive. It is important to use a skin-friendly routine when removing and applying your baseplate, which includes using an alcohol-free adhesive remover, cleaning towel and skin barrier film. The Provox Adhesive Remover, Cleaning Towels and Skin Barrier wipes are all skin-friendly and alcohol-free.

Keep warm over winter

Provox Protectors


High quality stoma protection and coverage. Provides supplementary humidification when worn with an HME.

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