Meet Nigel

Meet Nigel Mackenzie-Shapland, a 61 year old father of three and a grandfather to eight and counting!

Having his laryngectomy

“After being diagnosed with cancer of the Larynx in 2018 I underwent a course of Radiotherapy, unfortunately in March of 2020, my cancer returned requiring a total Laryngectomy in May of 2020. This was a particularly difficult time coinciding with the start of the pandemic and all of the restrictions that entailed. After an initial period of Furlough, I agreed on a redundancy package with my employer, which has naturally forced many changes in my day-to-day life. I had been a coffee wholesaler for 20 years and was concerned my taste abilities would be affected, thankfully due to the fact I have to now make a conscious effort to taste, I think my tasting abilities are heightened, so there’s a bonus!

Trying Provox Life™

I had taken up cycling some 15yrs ago and after struggling initially after my surgery, particularly on steep climbs, which there are rather a lot of in North Devon. I have invested in an e Mountain Bike, which, as a Lary ngectomee is one of the best things I have ever done.

When the new Provox ‘Life’ range was announced, I was eager to try the Energy’ HME, this made things a lot easier in terms of moving larger volumes of air, whilst cycling or out walking along the beautiful North Devon coast. I use of most of the range, the ‘Home’ HME whilst pottering around the house or at night, sleeping and the ‘Go’ HME whilst gardening or active at work. The ‘Protect’ version gives added peace of mind when venturing out socially. A great innovative colour coded system, which is easy to use. I have experienced a marked reduction in mucus production and the frequency of coughing reduced significantly.

One benefit of Lockdown coinciding with my rehabilitation meant that I could devote a large amount of time to developing and learning Esophageal Speech which I now feel reasonably confident with, the one exception being, similar to many, using the phone! My brain still feels the need to demand more volume!

Now things have started to open up and life begins to return to something akin to the normality I knew before, its strange that I have no problems conversing with people I have never met, but speaking to people that knew me before, is somehow much more daunting, but rewarding nonetheless, especially my Grandchildren!”