Meet Hanne

“A little bit of stubbornness goes a long way”


Hanne Jensen is 73 years widower, who loves her children, grandchildren, nature and walks. She had her operation on May 26th 2014.

It was my birthday on May 20th in 2014 when I was told that I would be operated on a few days later. I was told that I would lose my voice, and I instantly replied, ‘no thanks’. I always used to talk a lot. Fortunately, I brought my sons with me, who convinced me that life is worth living even if I would not get my old voice back.



The surgery changed my life considerably. Before, I travelled a lot. Now I don’t travel that much anymore. I also can’t go swimming which bothers me since I live close to the sea. I walk into the water, but I can’t swim. If I go too far, I get a scolding from my neighbours who keep an eye on me. I decline invitations to big parties. I find it frustrating to be in crowded, noisy areas and no one can hear me. It’s the same with restaurants. First of all, I can’t taste 100% but also because I can’t talk while eating. So, I’d rather just drink a beer.

Despite this, I chose to make the most of life. My beloved husband passed away in 2008 but my friends are still there for me, and I am still my grandchildren’s grandmother. I also get a lot of help. Sometimes I wonder what the products were like 25 years ago. There were also people then who were operated on. We are privileged today to be able to get hands-free products, for example.



Recently I have tested the new Provox Life products, and I have been very impressed, especially with the Home and Go HMEs. I found it so easy to breathe with Home that sometimes I forgot to change it. I used the Go HME when walking, and I could not notice any resistance, which was nice.

For others going through this, my advice is to take it easy, because you get better and better, day by day. You will find that you can do much more than you think you can. You can tackle major changes in your life. A little stubbornness goes a long way.

Disclaimer: This testimonial relates to how one individual has experienced the use of Provox Life™ products and not every person will get the same results. Atos Medical AB does not suggest, imply or make any claims other than those detailed in the product manual.