Getting more active with Provox Life™ Energy HME

Image of Peter, a Provox Life user, wearing Provox Life Energy outdoors.

Great breathability when getting more active with Provox Life™ Energy HME

Provox Life™ Energy HME (Heat and Moisture Exchanger) provides good humidification and low breathing resistance. This makes it perfect for when you are physically active as it’s designed to support you when doing activities such as walking or cycling.

You might be at the stage where you are ready to try something new or you might want to reconnect to different activities in life. Walking, cycling or going to the gym? Provox Life™ Energy HME is the ideal choice as it can help to support you to be a little more active in your everyday life.

Key benefits: 

  • High breathability
  • Good humidification
  • Sporty look
  • Reduces mucus production and coughing

Watch to find out more about Provox Life™ Energy HME:

Which activities might be right for me?

Provox Life Energy HME is designed to help you get back to your everyday activities.

It’s never too late to get a little more active whether you’ve just had your surgery or have been living with a laryngectomy for a while.  Provox Life Energy HME can help you to enjoy your everyday life again by supporting you to breathe better, whatever activity you choose.  

Provox Life™ Energy HME should be used when doing moderate to intense physical activities because of its high breathability. Did you know it’s 63% more breathable than Provox XtraFlow? Take a look at some examples of where you can use Provox Life™ Energy HME below:

How can I get started today?

If you’d like to get started with Provox Life™ Energy HME today, you can arrange a call-back from one of our friendly Atos Customer Care Team. The helpful Customer Care team are here to help you with getting started! They can answer your questions, liaise with your clinician and help you on your journey towards getting more active with Provox Life™ Energy HME. Click here to request a call-back.