Care Delivered

Bringing the right products and care your way

Care delivered helps to provide you with the right products for your needs, right when you need them. We offer a variety of options for how you can order your supplies; ranging from a monthly service call to a fully automated monthly order. Get in touch with us to find out what options are suitable for you.

  • Easy and convenient ordering
  • Optional convenient monthly reminders
  • Electronic Prescription Service
  • Rapid, reliable delivery
  • Discreet packaging
  • Convenient orders by subscription
Care Delivered

Electronic Prescription Service

We offer an Electronic Prescription Service, which gives you the choice for your prescription to be sent electronically between your GP practice and Atos Care.

  • Receive your products sooner
  • Prescriptions are more secure through the NHS portal
  • Track and trace your prescription

Rapid delivery

We hold a large inventory of laryngectomy and tracheostomy devices. Therefore, it is more likely for us to have stock of the items needed than a local pharmacy. This means that we can deliver appliances to you quickly.

Convenience orders

Where you have a regular and routine prescription of products, we can offer a subscription to a convenience order. A convenience order helps to make it easier for you to collect your products on a monthly basis without the need to contact us.

Holiday and emergency supplies

We work with GP surgeries on appliance requirements for travellers, including quantities for the duration of the patient’s holiday. We can also deliver to UK based holiday addresses in emergencies.